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About GrowSmartly

 My name is Bilal and after being involved in digital marketing since 2015 I founded GrowSmartly with one single mission, to help brands grow online. I was just 16 years old when I started my first ever online business, dropshipping products on eBay after I quickly generated over 100k in sales in less than a year, I then went on to launch multiple brands on Amazon that did over 200k in sales combined in 2 years, and I was hooked!

After being the first-ever Google intern from my university, I really enjoyed my time at Google where I worked with 100s of multi-million dollar brands and helped them grow with Google and YouTube ads. But I was an entrepreneur from day one, so I left Google and focused full time on GrowSmartly.

Fast forward 12 months, at we have worked with over 100 brands some of which have been featured on Shark Tank and Dragons Den like Ola Bamboo a Canadian utensils brand.

We are passionate when it comes to eCommerce and helping brands grow, we want to work with our clients for the next 2-4 years because we don’t care about the retainer but the growth of our agency and the growth of our clients brands.


The Out-of-the-box Thinkers



Founder & CEO

Marketing prodigy! at 16 Bilal had already made over $100k on eBay. At 20 he had 2 brands on Amazon and an internship at Google. Bilal is passionate about eCommerce and online marketing. Fun fact- he was featured on Coventry Live for being the first-ever intern at Google from his university.



Head of Accounts

An overachiever from day one, achieving the highest results in his school’s history and having won multiple awards and scholarships Junaid attended the prestigious business school at Warwick University. He and Bilal have been responsible for millions of dollars in sales for clients on Amazon and Facebook.

Jay Lewis

Jay Lewis

Head of Creatives

After studying music at university, Jay got involved in digital marketing back in 2014 and after multiple years in different ad agencies he joined us to become the head of creatives.
He is the creative genius here at GrowSmartly.
He heads the team when comes to social media posts, ad copies as well as social media growth.


Dianne Mae

Dianne Mae

Social Media Manager

Dianne is the head of content at GrowSmartly. She has been working in the digital marketing space since 2011 and is super passionate about content creation as well as social media growth. She has worked with over 500 cleints from the US, UK, AU and some parts of Asia. Dianne works along side Jay to get all of your content on Instgaram,Facebook, Pinterest and all other major social platforms.

Ahmad Sayed

Ahmad Sayed

Head of Facebook Ads

Ahmad heads the Facebook ads here at GrowSmartly, his passion and his desire is all about getting an amazing ROI for our clients. He has been in digital marketing since 2013 right after finishing school Ahmad ran his own marketing agency and after working in multiple other digital agencies and spending over £25 million in ad spend Ahmad joined us here at GrowSmartly.

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